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$294.00 $60.00

It's sadly time for the US retirement of Photocurator frames. We're selling Photocurator at a 78% discount off retail. For $60 + free US shipping, you will receive 21 packs of Photocurator, with each pack framing 5 photos. Use one pack and gift the rest, or use all the packs to make a monster wall of 105 photos.

Designed for the easy display and swapping of 4x6" photographs, Photocurator places your favorite moments right where you want them. Wall mount your photograph in 3 simple steps. The speed and ease of use opens up endless possibilities for different combinations of images and grid formations - the wall is your oyster. By using the natural tension created by the curve of the photo, the image is kept securely in place. This tension locking capacity is unique to the Photocurator and is the reason behind its ease of use and simplicity in function. Each mount is attached to the wall using removable adhesive (test your surface first), eliminating the need to drill holes. Once placed using the included no-fuss placement template, photographic prints can be popped in, swapped around and moved without the need to re-stick the mount.