Clip-On Drawer Bin & Insert Organizer Labels

Get and keep your drawers neat and organized with our patented Clip-On Drawer Labels. Designate a clear use for all those bins and inserts in your drawers and label them to keep them in order! Simply slide these clip-on metal labels onto your drawer organizer bins or inserts. Clips include sticker labels you can apply directly to the clip or label them directly with an erasable chalk marker for a personal touch.  Each package contains 15 clips in 3 different sizes to help you organize your drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, and more.  


  • How to use: Slide the clip-on label onto the top edge of the drawer bin or insert. You can slide onto the single wall of a bin or use the clip to connect two bins together. Reposition the clip-on label as your needs change. The clips adapt to many typical drawer bins and inserts, including plastic, wood, and fabric.

    • Five each of three sizes included for fitting sidewalls measuring small (0.08-0.20”), medium (0.20-0.31”), and large (0.35-0.43”).


  • Labeling: Included with each clip is a white adhesive paper sticker. You may also use compatible machine-printed tape labels up to 3/8” in height (Dymo, Brother, etc.).


  • Chalk marker compatible: Personalize and make them colorful with the use of erasable chalk markers. Erase and re-label as contents change.


  • Clip dimensions: 2.28” x 0.40/0.41/0.46” x 0.98” (LxWxH).


  • Package contents: 15x Clip-On Drawer Bin & Insert Organizer Labels, 5x of 3 sizes. 15x blank white paper adhesive labels.